Nikola Cvetkovic

Nikola Cvetković

Co-founder, CEO

Nikola is a MsC software engineer with expertise in business & management. Founder of & Co-founder of which he exited in 2016. Nikola is an activist, who in the past 10+ years held leadership positions in various NGOs, executing 40+ community projects and collectively leading more then 17.000 people.

Vladan Todorovic

Vladan Todorović

Co-founder, CTO

Vladan is a MsC cyber security professional with over 15 years of experience leading cross-border security teams of four Olympic Games (without a single impact incident) and was also the Head of Global cyber security operations of Siemens, protecting more than 47.000 servers across 90+ countries. Vladan was the Winner of ISLA Senior information security professional award and a speaker at the RSA conference.

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